The Outlier

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How it all began...

The Outlier started off as an idea, and a pretty fun one at that. Then as soon as we started working on it everything inevitably started to fall apart... That's the reality of the process, everything takes longer than you expect, is harder than you anticipate and more expensive than what you budget, but that's the beauty of it.

We didn't want to make this a top-secret project, we shared snippets of the Outlier throughout its creation, shared our mistakes even sold a few prototypes, but despite how we tried to spin it, the whole thing felt like a litany of failure.

It wasn't until the yo-yo was ready, were we able to step back and appreciate it all. Looking back it's incredibly satisfying to see how it all came together. So if you're keen on purchasing an Outlier, they will be dropping within the next week or so. Check out the Offset Yoyo Group for the latest information on drops, and as always remember to Stand Apart ;)

The link will become available on 22/06/18 at 12PM AEST