EP1 Jeff Pang - How To Design a Good Yoyo

In this conversation I ask Jeff:

  1. How did you transition from being a yoyo player to ultimately a yoyo designer?

  2. I remember when we talked back while I was in China, modding was a really big gateway for you and ultimate yoyo designs. Were there any mods in particular that helped you better understand Yoyo design? (Describe them).

  3. One of the biggest obstacles to Yoyo design atleast in my experience is CAD. How did you go about learning CAD specific to Yoyoing and what would you recommend for people who want to learn more about it.  

  4. What made you decided to dedicate yourself to high end Titanium Yoyos as your niche.

  5. Branding & Marketing - You have a very clear Tone of Voice for the Luftwerk Brand. How do you go about cultivating that?

  6. Could you tell me the story about the SKYVA?

  7. What’s the difference between designing plastics vs metals?

  8. Could you describe what it was like to work on the Variant?

  9. What would you say are the key built in design elements for the Variant?

  10. What were some of the biggest challenges for you as a designer working on the Variant?

  11. Are there any projects of your own you are working on right now?

The conversation is incredibly insightful and super wide ranging. Deffinitely enjoyed it and hope you guys enjoy it too!

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