EP2 Marcus Koh - How Hard Work Can Beat Talent

In this episode I ask Marcus:

In this episode I ask Marcus Koh exactly what it takes to become a world champion, run a yoyo company and much more!

Questions list;

  1. How did you start Yoyoing and when did you start having ambitions of being 1a world champion?

  2. You've associated yourself as being "less talented", or a "slow learner" (relatively, not as slow as me though haha) than the top competitors, how did you bridge this gap, to become the worlds best 1a player?

  3. What did you practice routine leading up to worlds look like.

  4. I remember you telling me you would consistently learn one trick a week could you go further into that?

  5. Do you have a pre competition routine? e.g Massages, etc

  6. Next I'd like to go into the business side of things, how did you balance school/work/uni with Throw Revolution? Is this still a constant challenge?

  7. Sponsoring Players, what do you look for when sponsoring players?

  8. What do you look for in sponsoring players?                         

  9. One thing I've noticed is that the Throw Revolution team at least from my perspective, having stayed with you guys at AP is super close knit. How do you foster such a close team spirit?

  10. How do you keep everyone on your team engaged and regularly posting?

  11. Does physically travelling to meet players enhance your ability to create a team spirit?                              

Brandon Vu